Vallejo Painting Awards is an annual gaming miniature painting contest organized by Cosmic Group/Cosmic Games in collaboration with Acrylicos Vallejo, Play: Il Festival del Gioco and Buyers Club.

First edition was a success, with near a hundred registrations and very special guests! Willing to replicate, the second edition was meant to be on 13th September 2020 at Modena Fiere during PLAY Festival del Gioco fair, but due to current pandemic all events of such magnitude have been cancelled.

That's why we decided to make this edition of Vallejo Painting Awards DIGITAL! Soon we'll publish all infos about how to submit your works to the jury, in the meantime categories, subscription time limit and subscription method remain unchanged! 

The contest is divided into various categories, with only one common trait: miniatures must come from any boardgame or wargame actually on the market.

The miniature scale in general must be from 25mm up, lower sizes can't be presented in any category.

In addition to the Main Event, there will be a Side Event all about Dungeons & Dragons Wizkids Miniatures.


  • SINGLE MINIATURE: The miniature size must be inferior to 50mm and has to be presented on a game base or display base of max 40mm. This category includes mounted animals and mounted veichles.
  • ACTION SCENE: Group of 2 or more miniatures in a diorama that needs to measure from 10x10cm to 30x30cm. No limit of theme or game. Miniatures can come from different lines and/or producers.
  • MONSTER: Miniature size of 50mm or superior, with game base or display base of maximum 80mm.
  • VEHICLE: Mechanical vehicle for troops transport, bipods are included in this category.

Side Event:

  • Dungeons & Dragons Wizkids Miniatures: Miniatures must be from Wizkids' Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line.



Subscription is free and every participant can subscrive to the contest one project per category.

Subscription must be submitted before 9th September 2020 and include the list of projects (with project name, category, artist name) using the form below or sending us an email to op@cosmicgroup.it.

Awards ceremony will be on 13th September 2020.

For any furter information write us at op@cosmicgroup.it

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It is mandatory to re-fill the form and send a new request for every category you want to subscribe to. Subscription requests will be accepted until 11.59 pm of 20th March 2020. If you need any information or have any doubt don't hesitate to contact us at op@cosmicgroup.it

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