After the success of the past years, this Third Edition will take place on 20/22 May 2022 at Modena Fiere during PLAY Festival del Gioco fair.

The contest is divided into the following categories:

  • Master
  • Standard
  • Nuove Leve (Newcomers)

For every category, jury will assign Gold, Silver and Bronze awards following the Open formula.

Every contestant can apply for the preferred category, and by unquestionable judgment the jury can move the application to another category, but only by increasing his level:

  • from Nuove Leve to Standard
  • from Nuove Leve to Master
  • from Standard to Master.

Every contestant can submit a display which will be judged and eventually awarded. Every contestant can elect a piece of his display, but only one, which will be judged for the special "da Gioco" (for Gaming) category.

Miniatures scale must be from 1/56 (28mm) and up; smaller size models won't be taken into account.


Play award “Da Gioco”

The award will be given to a piece from participants' displays. Every piece must be in 1/56 scale (28/32mm), must belong to a boardgame, wargame or be produced for a game currently on the market; pieces self produced are not allowed, but modifications up to 30% of original miniatures are allowed, the contestant in this case must bring a reference image or back up piece of the original piece.  

For this category will be awarded only First, Second and Third places.


Special Awards (Best of)

- SINGLE MINIATURE: Best model of size smaller or equal to 75mm, displayed on game stand or display stand, of any sci-fi or fantasy theme. This category includes characters riding animals (horses, or other ground or flying animals) or vehicles (bikes, flying bikes, robots etc)

- ACTION SCENE - DIORAMA: Best group composed by 3 or more models in a diorama that can be 10x10cm to 30x30cm, no theme constrictions.

- VEHICLE: Best model of size bigger than 50mm, displayed on game stand or display stand. Are allowed both ground and flying vehicles, transports or bipods.

- MONSTER: Best model of size bigger than 75mm, displayed on game stand or display stand. This category includes characters riding animals (Dragons, Wyverns or other ground or flying animals and big monsters) or vehicles (airplanes, spaceships, robots etc)

- BEST OF SHOW (Best Master): Best model or display of Master category and, by consequence, best of Contest 2022.

- BEST STANDARD: Best model or display of Standard category 2022.

- BEST NUOVE LEVE: Best model or display of Nuove Leve category 2022.


Award of the day

At LudoManiacs stand will take place a paint laboratory/school. Participants will be freely given miniatures, brushes and Vallejo colors; also professionals in the field will follow and help participants for an hour each.

A winner Between the works of the day will be elected and awarded each day at 19.00. The awards will be announced again during the prize ceremony on Sunday May 22nd.


Special Aweard Monte San Savino Show

Monte San Savino Show organization, one of the most important painting contests in the world, will choose a display to which will award his personal Best prize. The award will be assigned to whole display: for this reason every single model submitted by the participant will be valued.



Application is free and each contestant can subscribe to the contest a single display. To avoid unfortunate incidents we recommend each participant to check that every component of the display is correctly glued/fixed.

Pre-subscriptions must be submitted before 17th of May 2022 along with projects list (model names, special award preference, subscripted category and ofcourse artist name), sending a mail with subject "Vallejo Painting Contest 2022 Subscription" at davide@ludomaniacs.com

In any case it will be possible also to subscribe projects directly in place, at LudoManiacs stand; models must be submitted by the artist at LUDOMANIACS stand from 10.00 of 20th of May 2022 to 13.00 of 22nd of May 2022.

Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 22nd of May in the afternoon around 16.00.

Jury will be composed by internationally famous painters. It will be also possible to ask them questions and suggestions for the whole event duration. Judges verdict is irrevocable.

Models can be retrieved after the award ceremony until 19.00, models not collected will remain unattended. 


About any other info or doubt, you can mail davide@ludomaniacs.com

Subscribe now

It is mandatory to re-fill the form and send a new request for every category you want to subscribe to. Subscription requests will be accepted until 11.59 pm of 31th August 2021. If you need any information or have any doubt don't hesitate to contact us at op@cosmicgroup.it

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